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Crème & Sugar: Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Crème & Sugar is a café in Anaheim, California that has risen to internet stardom for their over-the-top, unicorn inspired hot chocolate. I heard the words unicorn and chocolate, and just knew I had to go.

Right when you walk in there’s a mural with an array of fantastical creatures depicted and lots of quotes and wall décor insisting on the importance of a cup of coffee. They have a decent amount of floor space, but a lot of it is taken up by big couches and tables, so finding a place to sit can be problematic if you go when its busy. We were lucky to get there right before the rush, so we managed to find a table outside.

While there are quite a few options to choose from (crazy shakes, all sorts of coffee drinks, cakes, and cookies) we decided to go for Crème & Sugar’s classic unicorn hot chocolate, cookie monster hot chocolate, and a slice of rainbow cake.


Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Pink hot chocolate, whipped cream, unicorn sprinkles, AND marshmallows? I would like to personally thank the genius who came up with this beauty. The warmth and rich flavor of the drink is wonderfully enhanced by the fresh cream, rather than overpowered by the mountain of toppings. This a great way to dress up and put a new spin on a classic, and its very easy to see why the café is so popular for this option.

Cookie Monster Hot Chocolate

I love all things cookies and cream, so tossing a bunch of Oreos on top of my drink is a natural next step. Like the character it is named for, the Cookie Monster drink has a bright blue color, and is topped with fresh whipped cream, Oreos, marshmallows, and is served with a chocolate chip cookie on the side (I recommend dunking before eating). Unlike the unicorn version, this hot chocolate has a taste of vanilla that beautifully accompanies the rich chocolate flavor. This was easily my favorite of the two drinks, and I would probably order it again, although maybe as a coffee next time.

Rainbow Cake


This rainbow cake is another internet favorite, with the vivid colors and unicorn sprinkles, who can blame people for loving it, unfortunately, it did not live up to the hype. Although they claim the cakes are made right in their kitchen, it tasted store bought, and while the flavor was good, it didn’t reach the bar set by the drinks. However, my friend did seem to enjoy it dipped in her hot chocolate. Overall, I would recommend skipping the cake, and getting some cookies to accompany your drinks.

I would say that Crème & Sugar definitely lives up to their hype, the drinks are unique, the staff is friendly, and its in a nice location. I would absolutely return, even if it is a bit of a drive from LA. Would you like to try the unicorn hot chocolate?



4 thoughts on “Crème & Sugar: Unicorn Hot Chocolate”

  1. Man, that looks like way too much sugar for me, personally! I prefer a more simple coffee. 🙂 It reminds me of a more vibrant version of a place in Buffalo, NY called SPoT Coffee. Love the post, can’t wait to see where you go next!


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