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The Santa Monica Pier

When I was a kid I used to love going to the Santa Monica Pier, so when my brother and I had a free Saturday figuring out where to spend it was a no-brainer.

The Santa Monica Pier is a huge local landmark, it’s a great place to soak up the sun while getting gorgeous views of the beaches and surrounding city.

There are many attractions on the pier including an aquarium, video arcade, food, pubs, and music, yet the most recognizable attraction is the Pacific Park.

Aviary Photo_130993444695815594

Pacific Park is the amusement park located on the pier, and gives us the iconic roller coaster and Ferris wheel image.

We spent most of our time at the park, riding the rides and playing the games. I got my brother an unlimited ride wristband and purchased two ride tickets for myself, one for the roller coaster and one for the Ferris wheel. In my opinion, the best view of the pier is on the roller coaster, right after it finishes the first climb, you can see the entire beach and pier, and some of the city behind it, but there’s only a few seconds to enjoy it before being whipped around by the ride.  The view from the Ferris wheel isn’t too bad either.

After doing a few rides, we went and played our first game, and we won a dragon!

Aviary Photo_130993445758115101

Then we made a game of taking pictures of him everywhere.

We ate lunch at one of the burger joints on the pier, nothing spectacular or fancy, but not horrible either. Be prepared to fight people and birds for a spot to sit though. Seriously, the pigeons and seagulls that roam that area are fearless!

Aviary Photo_130993444030260331

After lunch we did a couple more rides, grabbed some ice cream, and then it was time to head home.


To me, the Pier seemed a bit less magical going back as an adult, but I could tell my brother had a great time, so the desired effect was achieved. Actually his exact words were “there’s so many rides, and games, and cool stuff. It’s awesome!”


16 thoughts on “The Santa Monica Pier”

  1. I think as kids we idolese these places. We remember how much fun we had there when we were tiny, and when we return as adults it loses its magic. It’s still fun though and it was a good move to take your brother and give him this awesome experience! 🙂


  2. Very cute post. Could really tell your brother was having a good time. It’s strange to revisit a place we used to visit when we were young, it’s never the same. Luckily your brother was there and probably thought the same way you did when you first visited. Nice job.


  3. That was the one fun spot I made sure to see when I was in LA for work. I went early in the morning, so the amusement park hadn’t even opened yet, but the views were stunning, and it really is a place that takes you back in time. Is that where route 66 ends too? I remember that little shop on the pier.


  4. I am pretty sure that is most places as a child though. Everything tends to be more magical in a child’s eess yes than in the eyes of an adult. I guess with age, we become jaded. I love the photos and you can see the fun that was had 😀


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