A Day in Death Valley

Sunday was the first day of Spring, and what better way to celebrate than by going to see a desert in full bloom? The super bloom at Death Valley National Park is a rare, but beautiful sight. Usually the incredible heat and scarce rainfall keep any flora from growing, but this was an El Nino… Continue reading A Day in Death Valley

I’d like to thank the academy…

Today I was nominated for the Liebster award, its super prestigious as only the five “best new blogs out there” can be nominates. Yeah, you could say I’m kind of a big deal. Ha, just joking! The Liebster award is an award that is passed from blogger to blogger in order to help readers find new things to read and… Continue reading I’d like to thank the academy…

Utah’s National Parks

The entire state of Utah is beautiful, especially at the national parks. The air is clean, the landscape is constantly capturing attention, and the sky is so clear that at night you can see millions upon millions of stars. The different parks in Utah are a favorite for my family, they offer something for everyone… Continue reading Utah’s National Parks

A Creole Christmas: NOLA pt 2

A true Louisiana Christmas begins on Christmas Eve with some unusual lighting displays. The Great River Road from Baton Rouge to New Orleans follows the Mississippi River and the levee houses hundreds and hundreds of bonfires. People who live along the river spend months constructing 30+ feet bonfires, usually in teepee shapes, although we did… Continue reading A Creole Christmas: NOLA pt 2